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You can teach a turkey to climb, but it’s better to hire a squirrel

David McClelland

Some statistics


CEOs concerned about growth due to lack of skills availability


CEOs worried about the talent they lack for their plans


Of the graduates with a job, they consider the skills essential

PwC – Talent Trends 2020 -Upskilling: Building Confidence in an uncertain world. Findigs from PwC´S 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey .
– OEEU, Barometro de Empleabilidad y Empleo de Universitarios en España, 2015

¿Turkey or Squirrel?

The competencies concept was introduced by McClelland to psychology in the 1970s as a need to search for concrete methods and elements that could predict the superior performance of an individual in their job. Traditional tests of aptitude, knowledge, IQ, as well as academic degrees or awards do not predict performance or success in life and are biased against minorities, such as women, people of low socioeconomic status or other ethnicities.

Years later, Spencer & Spencer defined competence as “an underlying characteristic in the individual that is causally related to a superior standard of effectiveness and/or performance in a job or situation.”


McClelland’s analogy of turkeys and squirrels could further clarify the concept for us in practical terms. We could have a turkey picking acorns from trees; we train him, we motivate him, we encourage him, we raise his salary, we even help him climb the tree. It is very likely that it will bring us acorns, of course! But, at the cost of significant effort, he is tired, has not had a good time, and clearly does not feel fulfilled in his life.

It would be different if we had a squirrel taking acorns from the tree. It would cost us significantly less to have lots of acorns and he would be happy to do so. This is because it is naturally prepared for that challenge by having the right skills for that job.

This is what competitions are about.

Our challenge in companies is to identify turkeys and squirrels, and in people, to bring out the squirrel that they carry inside.

¿How can we accompany you??

We have a battery of tests that certify competencies EU Tuning skills for all hierarchies and functionalities, which, complemented with training and coaching programs, allow us to accompany you in the development of your skills. This is how you get the most out of your potential.

The process is very simple

1. Choose

From the list of services and programs, select the one that is most useful for you

2. Sign up

Register your data. So we can fulfill what you contracted

3. Answer

If you selected test, answer them. If it is another activity, we will schedule

4. Check it

Your certificate of competencies or some instruction for another activity will arrive in your mail

5. Attach it

Attach the certificate or diploma in your company or in your job applications

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